Custom GameOver (V1.0)

This lightweight script allows the customization of the GameOver screen.




  • Add a adjustable command window to the GameOver screen (Continue, ToTitle, Quit)
  • Individual X and Y coordinates
  • Adjustable command window style
  • Set a timer for the window to appear
  • Skip the GameOver screen entirely and switch to Scene_Title or Scene_Load upon gameover
  • Detailed instructions on how to use
  • Plugin commands to adjust the following values during the game:
    • Display gameover commmand window on/off
    • Adjust the timer before the window shows up
    • Window style
    • Enables/disables the commands individually
    • Change the Scene-Skip option
    • Change the GameOver screen background


Planned updates





Terms of use

This script is free to use for non-commercial and commercial projects as long as you credit me. Click here for further info.

Important if you download the demo project:
The demo uses a font called "Quikhand". It's a royalty free font which can be used in both non-commercial and commercial ways. Make sure to read it's readme file in case you want to use it.



Version 1.0


Known issues





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