Core Plugin

This plugin for RPG Maker MZ is an ongoing “work in process” as it will feature key functions for some of my plugins in order to maximize stability and performance. The most recent version usually comes with any other plugin you can download. But this standalone download here is in case you need it for some reason.

This plugin provides a special setting where you can decide between a “Developer Mode” and a “Release Mode” as it makes sure all functionalities are working, even on browser exports of the game.

Another functionality is the update notification in case there is a newer version for any of my plugins that you might have installed. The setting only works while in Developer Mode and can be switched off anytime.

Please make sure to place it above any of my other plugins in your plugin manager list (Detailed instructions in the download).

Important info on how the version check works

In order to check if there are newer versions available, the plugin needs to connect to some sort of list. It does that by connecting to this website, reading this file. Then it compares the version info inside the file with the version info stored in the plugins of me that you have installed.

I keep the file up to date at all times so you’ll always get the latest information.

The connection to this file only occurs when “Upate Notifications” are set to “ON” and “Developer Mode” is enabled. The process of checking does NOT store any of your data. The only thing transfered is the version info of the plugins.


  • “Developer” and “Release” mode to use certain help/support functionalities
  • Update notification for all my plugins
  • Special feature that allows plugins to interact with each other to some degree
  • Optional console blocking (cheat protection) upon using “Release Mode”


This plugin was written as a core to support my other plugins. In general there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. I can not guarantee that it will work in all cases. If you wish to use this plugin it’s at your own “risk”. Please make sure to read the instructions in the manual/help section of the plugin.

Terms Of Use

This plugin may be used for non-commercial and commercial projects as long as you credit “Mewgles”.

You are not allowed to redistribute or alter my work in any way.


All support and contact-info is included inside the plugin files. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with the plugin.

You can also refer to the official documentation which can be found here.


Core Plugin Sample

Version Info

The current version of this script is 0.51.

July 5, 2021

V 0.51

  • Added new functionalities for future plugins
  • Added a feature that allows to block the console usage (F12) in Release Mode