Custom GameOver

This plugin for RPG Maker MZ allows you to customize the gameover screen by adding new features like a fully customizable command window where you can set different options for the player to choose from in case of gameover. It also has a timer function, allowing you to automate the gameover screen.


  • Add a adjustable command window to the GameOver screen (Continue, ToTitle, Quit)
  • Individual X and Y coordinates
  • Adjustable command window style
  • Set a timer for the window to appear
  • Skip the GameOver screen entirely and switch to Scene_Title or Scene_Load upon gameover
  • Detailed instructions on how to use
  • Demoproject to showcase the functions
  • Plugin commands to adjust the following values during the game:
    • Display gameover commmand window on/off
    • Adjust the timer before the window shows up
    • Window style
    • Enables/disables the commands individually
    • Change the Scene-Skip option
    • Change the GameOver screen background


This script was written as a standalone. In general there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues if you don’t use other plugins related to the gameover screen. I can not guarantee that it will work in all cases. If you wish to use this plugin it’s at your own “risk”.

The current version of this plugin requires my core plugin in order to work. You can always get the newes version of the core right here.

Terms Of Use

This script may be used for non-commercial and commercial projects as long as you credit “Mewgles”. You do not have to inform me in case of a release of your project.

You are not allowed to redistribute or alter my work in any way.


All support and contact-info is included inside the script files. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with the script.

You can also get it from here.


Custom GameOver Sample
Custom GameOver Sample
Custom GameOver Sample
Custom GameOver Sample

Version Info

The current version of this script is 1.10.

June 5, 2021


– Enabled core plugin support. The new version now needs my core plugin to run. This is for ensuring future compatibility to my other plugins. The core is include inside the download for version 1.10