Moving System

This plugin for RPG Maker VX Ace allows to add various movement functionalities for the player character aswell as stepsounds based on the map region tags. It comes with a bunch of scriptcalls to allow the developer to have full control over the movement options at any time to create a deeper level of perception.


  • Customizing up to 16 different footstep sounds regarding different terrains
  • Up to 3 sounds per terrain (random playback)
  • Editing volume and pitch of the sounds
  • Sneaking mode (on button hold)
  • The interval of the sound adjusts itself to the moving speed of the player
  • The volume of the sound adjusts itself to the moving speed of the player
  • Editable collision sound when hitting an obstacle (like in the pokemon games)
  • Jumping function (on button press)
  • Jumping over obstacles
  • Editable jumping delay
  • Setting a custom movement speed depending on the terrain
  • ON/OFF switch for the custom speed to maintain proper use of Events and cutscenes
  • Scriptcalls for all sorts of movement options
  • English and German script manual inside the script
  • Demo project showcasing all functionalities


This script was written as a standalone. In general there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues if you don’t use other movement related scripts. I can not guarantee that it will work in all cases. If you wish to use this script it’s at your own “risk”.

Terms Of Use

This script may be used for non-commercial and commercial projects as long as you credit “Mewgles”. You do not have to inform me in case of a release of your project.

You are not allowed to redistribute or alter my work in any way.


All support and contact-info is included inside the script files. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or issues with the script.

You can also get it from here.



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Version Info

The current version of this script is 1.6.

Any updates will be added here.